Auto Salvage Yard #6

Solo Exhibition at Groveland Gallery

My exhibition of paintings and drawings, “Salvage,” opens at Groveland Gallery on Friday, September 7th.

This  body of work is inspired by visits to an auto salvage yard where customers pull their own parts.  Row upon row of used cars sit in various states of deconstruction and disintegration, looted of engines, seats, cables, suspension systems, body panels and other valuable parts.  Some of the cars have been involved in accidents, their crushed bodies, smashed windshields, and deployed airbags evidence of violent collisions.   In most cases, however, the damage to the vehicles happened after they arrived at the salvage yard.  Engines wrenched from their compartments leave a hanging tangle of hoses and cables; dashboards are peeled away to reveal hidden inner workings; missing doors and seats leave the interior of the car hollowed out, a bare metal skeleton.

The work looks at the subject from a variety of vantage points, from portraits of the cars in the yard to close-up examinations of their inner workings and structure.  A series of close-up views explore details of the stripped cars.  The interiors and parts contain echoes of the human body – the cables, hoses, and metal frameworks like tendons, nerves and bones.

Engine #1, 2012, Conte, charcoal, gouache & acrylic Ink on paper

Another series of paintings focuses on shattered windshields, several of which are painted from the driver’s point of the view.  In these works I wanted to contrast a feeling of contemplation and stillness with the violence implied by the subject.

Windshield #2, 2012, Oil on panel

A third group of drawings and paintings portray the character of the individual cars as well as show the evidence of their deconstruction.

Stripped, 2012, Oil on panel

Engine #2, 2012, Acrylic ink on paper

Engine #3, 2012, Ink, charcoal, conte

Suspension, 2012, Ink, charcoal and conte on paper

Detail, Suspension

Burned Car, 2012, Gouache on paper

Stripped Car, 2012, Gouache on paper, 22″ x 36″

Burned Car #2, 2012, Acrylic ink on paper


Windshield, 2011, Oil on panel

Burned Engine Compartment, 2012, Oil on panel

Auto Salvage Yard #1

Auto Salvage Yard #3

Auto Salvage Yard #2, 2011, 18″ x 24″

Auto Salvage Yard #6