Auto Salvage (Selected Work 2011-2014)


This body of work is inspired by visits to auto salvage yards where customers pull their own parts.  Over the past few years I have examined the subject from a variety of different viewpoints, from portraits of the individual cars to images of their disassembled exteriors and interiors. My most recent work focuses on smaller sections and parts of the stripped cars. For me these forms are strongly suggestive of the human body, and there is a disturbing sense of violation in the casual way that the vehicles have been dismantled. I have tried to highlight this figurative reference and to experiment with formal and technical approaches that allow the work to embody the sense of vulnerability, fragility and disfigurement that I perceive in the subject.

Click on the images below to see work from each series.  For a longer statement about the work, click here.

Paintings & Collages

Engine and Suspension, 2014, Oil on panel, 48" x 60"

Drawings Series: Parts

Engine #4

Drawing Series: Cars


Drawings (2011-2012)

Auto Salvage Yard #1, 2011, 18" x 24"